2015-11-09 : DataCleaner 4.5.1 released

DataCleaner 4.5.1 is out and we're happy to say that the DataCleaner product is becoming faster, better and maturing at the same time. This release is primarily about fixing minor issues. Here's a few of the changes we've made in this release:
  • JSON files can now be selected also from HDFS, web URLs and more.
  • Millisecond precision on the "Capture changed records" filter was implemented.
  • If you're writing Excel spreadsheets we now do a better job at validating the sheet names before attempting to write it.
  • The copy of "OrderDB" used in DataCleaner monitor wasn't containing the same table definition as the copy in DataCleaner desktop.
  • A bug in the "Upload result to DataCleaner monitor" button was fixed.
  • ... And a lot more, see the github milestone for details.
We hope you enjoy the new version which is available for download now!