2015-11-26 : DataCleaner 4.5.2 released

Hello everybody!

We have just released DataCleaner 4.5.2 and are excited to tell you about all that we did to improve the premier open source data quality solution!
  • There’s a new component: Grouper. The Grouper component provides a simple way to do a group-by and aggregation like transformation. The user can pick any group key and select between a number of aggregation types for each column to be included in the output.
  • We added the ability to preview transformations that are in the scope of an Output Data Stream. For instance you can now do a preview of Merge duplicates when it is following a Duplicate detection. Or another example: You can use the new Grouper component and preview a transformation that consumes it’s grouped data stream.
  • We’ve improved the Regex parser component by adding a "match mode" property to allow also regex "find" semantics in addition to the "matches" semantics that was already there.
  • The “Cancel job" button/function can now more effectively interrupt and stop jobs from running even though some task is performing a long-running operation.
  • We've added keyboard shortcuts for interacting with the job editing canvas. Here’s a quick overview of the shortcuts we’ve added: F2 for rename, Enter for "open", ESC for "close", F5 for refresh, DEL/Backspace for "remove".
  • And a lot more minor bugfixes and improvements.
You can check out the GitHub milestone for a complete overview of the changes made.

We hope to see this release picked up by the community and customers - thank you for using our favourite Data Quality toolkit :-)