2015-12-14 : DataCleaner 4.5.3 released

DataCleaner 4.5.3 has arrived with a bundle of feature improvements and bugfixes for everyone. It is available for immediate download for customers and trial users. Please find below the listing of changes:
  • Feature additions:
    • A new filter called Compare has been added. The compare-filter is used to compare two fields, or a field and a fixed value, using a dynamic set of operators such as "Greater than", "Equal" or even "Like" (equivalent to the LIKE operator in SQL).
    • In the Remove dictionary matches we've added a new output column called "Removed matches". This output column will contain all the dictionary terms that was removed from the inspected string.
    • A new transformation called Remove substring. This transformation is useful in data standardization scenarios where a substring has been extracted from a larger string, and the larger string needs to be sanitized.
  • Bugfixes:
    • An excessive logging setting in the Command-Line Interface (CLI) was discovered and changed, yielding better performance when executing jobs in this environment.
    • The "Create Excel spreadsheet" component would break if two fields had been mapped with the same name. This will now be detected and reported to the user as a validation error.
    • The HDFS file chooser dialog had an issue which caused "blur" events to reset the port number of the Hadoop namenode. This has been fixed.
    • The "Merge duplicates (advanced)" component had an issue in which re-opening a merge configuration could reset the configuration to scratch. This has been fixed.
    • The "Fuse/Coalesce fields" component's preview functionality wasn't working when columns in the job had changed names. This has been fixed.
We encourage everyone to get the latest DataCleaner version from the downloads page. Enjoy!