2016-01-15 : DataCleaner 4.5.4 released

An update to DataCleaner has just been released. This new version 4.5.4 contains a number of small but nice improvements to our favorite Data Quality tool:
  • Performance and interactivity of the Duplicate detection function has been improved.
  • The training mode of the Duplicate detection is now more tolerant towards changing its configured input columns.
  • The performance and memory footprint of the Datastore dictionary was improved.
  • The 'Grouper' component now has a number of new aggregation types for you to select. And it's memory footprint was decreased too.
  • A bug pertaining to the stability of the wiring of the Fuse / Coalesce fields component was fixed.
  • A bug pertaining to the output of the Invoke Child Analysis Job component was fixed.
  • The functionality of the Merge duplicates (simple) component has been slightly improved by also taking into account the most frequently occurring values in the merging of many duplicates into a single record.
We hope you enjoy this new release of DataCleaner which is available for download now.