2017-07-07 : DataCleaner 5.2.0 released

Finally, after months of waiting we are proud to present you with a new DataCleaner release, 5.2.0!

Both open source and commercial contain these changes:
  • IBM's ICU library used for better Unicode standard compatibility.
  • Hashing component added
  • Fixed Pentaho plugin
  • Extended dictionary matcher (added possibility to ignore diacritic signs)
  • Added scroll bar for value distribution (result) page
  • Made connection lines lighter in desktop graphical job representation
  • Monitor is no longer available for the community edition
Commercial only:
  • Express Data Prep: a brand new wizard on the home screen of DataCleaner desktop. In just a few steps, it allows users to create a complete cleansing job for UK contact data and push it to DataCleaner monitor for repeated execution on data coming in from a hot folder.
  • Monitor: updated Cron expression errors handling
  • Monitor: improved validation of uploading files
  • Monitor: status of last job execution is now visible on schedule page
  • Monitor: now putting the actual data file in the hot folder can be used as a trigger to start a job, which then uses that data file as source data store
  • Duplicate Detection: updated to newest version, incl. performance better training with low column count.
  • Wizards made pluggable in DC Desktop.
  • Extended license information panel
  • Added Salutation generation transformer.
  • Added Sample select transformer.
  • Packaged new 'Name & Company Correction' component into DC Enterprise edition
  • Fixed Sanction list check component