2009-02-10 : First commercial support company for DataCleaner and MetaModel

Today we are announcing the first company, Lund&Bendsen, to officially support DataCleaner and MetaModel on a commercial level. These eobjects.org projects are, as you know, independent projects that are run with the community in mind. But as time goes on they grow and for companies to pick them up and start using them in a commercial setting we also welcome third party commercial support to help spread the projects to environments where community-based support is insufficient.

Lund&Bendsen is a Danish company with a strong expertise in Java development and training. Their service offerings include training, customization, integration and enhancement of DataCleaner and MetaModel so if your company is considering applying DataCleaner they might be interested in hiring some professionals to aid them in the process.

Over time more companies are expected to join in on commercial support for the eobjects.org projects. Keep up to date on the DataCleaner support page and don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries in this regard either.