2014-02-26 : DataCleaner embraces GitHub as collaboration platform

We want to stay on top of technology that enhances collaboration and involvement. Therefore we have made a significant move of the DataCleaner source code from our Subversion system towards the social coding platform GitHub. This move was made to give the community further tools for collaboration and to also benefit from the improved source control system features of Git itself.

GitHub - social coding

With GitHub we now have a central and social platform where anyone can pitch in on the development effort. One particularly useful tool for contributors is that they can submit pull requests which are basically suggested changes made in their own maintained copies of the source code - without necesarily impacting the main code tree.

We will be embracing GitHub for the technical development of DataCleaner only. This means that end users should not be much concerned about this move, but developers should be using GitHub for source code and issue management.
  • Visit our GitHub organization 'datacleaner' and check out the projects there. That includes both the projects you know, and maybe also some new ideas that you didn't know.
  • Or go directly to the main projects; AnalyzerBeans (the processing engine of DataCleaner) and the DataCleaner project itself.