2009-01-05 : DataCleaner launches new regex sharing subsite - RegexSwap

Only a few days after the launch of the new DataCleaner website, we are once again ready with new exciting features. This time we are launching the first edition of our new regular expression (regex) sharing subsite called "RegexSwap".

RegexSwap is a specialized forum for sharing, categorizing, commenting and voting on regular expressions that can be used in DataCleaner and other regex-based applications. It is really easy to post your own regular expressions, test them online on the website, comment and vote on the regexes that you have found useful. In time the next releases of DataCleaner will also take advantage of this online "always up to date" regex resource and offer direct integration with RegexSwap.

RegexSwap is still in beta but is ready at a functional level which is why we are launching publically it now. It will recieve dedicated attention in the weeks and months to come.