2009-01-26 : Independent analysis firm points at DataCleaner for open source data quality

The Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) have published an interesting, unbiased and independent analysis of the market for Open Source business intelligence products. We are delighted to see that the article features a section about data quality and that TEC points at DataCleaner as a competent choise within the open source products:
In such situations, where the vendor does not support a specific functionality,
organizations can look to complementary open source solutions; the DataCleaner
project from eobjects.org, for instance, provides functionality to help profile
data and monitor data quality. It also points to a significant advantage with
open source applications: the fact that software is developed by the community
and for the community makes it much simpler to share innovative solutions
quickly and seamlessly.
You can read the whole article by Anna Mallikarjunan from TEC by going to their website (user registration is required).