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Johny started the topic:
2017-01-24 10:32

Pattern Finder > Match count (missing arrow link)

Hi folks,

- Im using latest version of DataCleaner community edition 5.1.5
- I have result from Pattern Finder where is Pattern column, Match count (here is number and green arrow with link to detailed data) and Sample (here is one example of matching data).

The green arrow link in "match count" column is showing randomly. In pattern "A" I have 20 occurrences and with green arrow link. But in pattern "B" I have also 20 occurrences but without this link.

Do you know why? Is this community edition "limitation" or what?
Thanks a lot
deleted user replied:
2017-01-24 12:51
Hi Johny,

This is because all the row-annotations are in-memory, so they cannot all be fitted. If you have enough memory (we're pretty conservative, so you probably do), you can configure the amount of sets and amount of rows in each set you want:

You might need to increase the memory available to the program, though. If you start seeing out-of-memory errors after upping the size of row annotations, check the troubleshooting part of

Best regards,
Johny replied:
2017-01-24 15:22
Thanks Dennis for your fast response,

good point!

I have to mention here, that my case occur when I make "RClick > Quick analysis" on wide table with cca 6000 rows. What makes lot of Value distribution; and Pattern finders.

Increasing memory configuration solves almost all missing Green arrow links.

Thank you again
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