Topic Comparing Source to Target

David Doyle started the topic:
2018-02-21 06:00

Comparing Source to Target

Is it possible to use data cleaner to compare a source/master db to a target db/ copy which uses a different structure? Both source and target use differently normalized structures but share some common keys albeit in different formats (numeric customer# vs a varchar customer#).

While I could use a regular ETL tool to do this, tooling more focused on DQ metrics would be preferred as I'd like to take matched records and then compare on a field-by-field basis to determine missing & invalid values. Ultimately I'd like to create a periodic scorecard and monitor over time.

Looking through the site there doesnt seem to be much in the way of examples/ success stores on the usage of the tooling (unless I'm lookng in the wrong area of the site) hence my question.

Arjan replied:
2018-02-21 08:07
I think it is possible to use DataCleaner for this use case, but it depends a bit on the structure of your data. Will you compare table by table or do you want to compare a number of related tables? When you're dealing with multiple related tables it may be hard to set this up in DataCleaner, otherwise I think it should be possible.

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