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Filtering data and save them...

Hello! I’m a student and I’m trying to use DataCleaner to filtering some data… I have a excel file with some columns. In description column I’m using a String Pattern with a regular expression to search for some key-words. Then with “validate with string pattern” I can have access to the lines with the key-words but I don’t know what to do with those data. I want to create a new column in the original excel file and write a new word to identify all those fields. Is that possible? How can I do this?

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Kasper Sørensen

Hello there,

Yes that would be possible I think. After doing your string pattern based validation/filtering then you need to extract certain parts using a regex with a group notation.

For this there is actually an extension that fits like hand in glove: The regex parser extension. You can even see a webcast about it on the docs page.

A small tip: I would not write back to the original file, but create a copy. This is to avoid any issues while reading+writing to the same file (excel files are not transactional - you might get into issues).

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