2016-08-16 : DataCleaner 5.1 released

A new release of DataCleaner has just hit the site!

Now you can trigger jobs in the monitor simply by dumping files into a folder. This is great for processing jobs that get delivered by other services. You can even use a .properties file if you need to change the configuration for the job execution.

We've also:
  • Extended our monitor UI to support adding HDFS datastores.
  • Added support for simple fixed-width mainframe/EBCDIC files
  • Made it possible to run a job on another configured datastore from the command line.
  • Extended the monitor REST job trigger to support setting configuration properties.
  • Added a news channel into DataCleaner, so you can catch new releases
.... And of course fixed bug and performance issues along the way.

We hope you enjoy DataCleaner 5.1 . Please go to the Download page to try it out.