2016-11-08 : DataCleaner 5.1.4 released

Release 5.1.4 incoming!

We have another release for you, this time including these bugfixes:
  • Make requirements and scope buttons update properly when job changes
  • Stability fixes to Union and Coalesce components
  • Stability fix for Excel writer
  • Fix jTDS single-connection-multiple-threads writing exception
  • Save button only enabled when a job is being built
  • Monitor: Metrics from output datastreams available for timelines.
  • Monitor: Bad repository file upload does not delete old repository
  • Monitor: JavaScript transformer now works in monitor
... as well as these nice improvements:
  • Improve job loading and execution startup times
  • Reduce Excel writer validation overhead
  • Improve flexibility of date range filter
  • License overview panel (commercial only)
  • URL Parser results improved
  • Monitor: Improve scheduling page load times
  • Monitor: Old repository backed up when new repository is loaded
  • Monitor: Reference data can now be configured in UI
There's a known issue that upgraders should be aware of:
  • Duplicate Detection results saved in previous versions cannot be opened in 5.1.4
Enjoy! :)