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Beverly started the topic:
2017-05-03 20:27


OK - I convert my VARCHAR to Numeric. Now I want to edit them looking for all digits or decimals or negative numbers. Is this a regex thingy again?
deleted user replied:
2017-05-04 08:22
For negative numbers, we have the number range filter. For digits or decimals, it depends: Is the validation on the presence of the decimal point, or on the actual number being non-integer?

For both, we have pre-made string patterns. If you click "More"/"String patterns"then "Browse in RegexSwap" (third image button from the left), then open the "numbers" tab, there's a few options. Choose "Integer" or "Integer or rounded" depending on what you need.

After that, you can use "Validate with string pattern" on the VARCHAR (not the numeric).

However, unless this is going directly to an analyzer, I'd again warn against throwing filters at everything. They _will_ interact, and they'll do that with OR-logic, so you easily end up with none of your filters seemingly taking any effect. If you want to transform the values, just run all records through the transformers, don't filter first.