Topic Exporting String Patterns

christopher.johnson started the topic:
2017-05-12 18:28

Exporting String Patterns

I have developed a bunch of jobs that are shared amongst my team via Git. I spent a lot of time adding regular expressions to cover some of our data types, but I need a way of distributing those expressions to the rest of the team without them having to manually enter them all themselves. Is there an option to export my string patterns file so that others can make use of it too?
deleted user replied:
2017-05-13 18:08
Hi Christopher,

We don't really have a proper way to export and import your patterns, but they (and other reference data) are saved in your conf.xml file, so at least there's a relatively easy way to copy them, especially if you're going to be sharing datastores as well.

The conf.xml file is located in the .datacleaner/5.1.5/ folder, inside your user home (e.g. C:\Users\[username\ or /home/[username] depending on your platform and DataCleaner version).

Hope that helps,