Topic how to connect to aws redshift database from data cleaner

mani started the topic:
2017-09-08 09:00

how to connect to aws redshift database from data cleaner

can you please help on how can I connect to aws redshift database from data cleaner. I tried adding database driver, but it is not listing in Database Drivers dropdown while trying to add new data store
deleted user replied:
2017-09-11 08:59

I tried, using the Redshift JDBC 4.2 driver, and it seems like the driver doesn't return a database name, so it will not show up in the dropdown (I'll check if it is due to a mistake in our end). However, you should still be able to just write the driver name below instead, and then it should work. We don't have a Redshift database, but when I used the example JDBC url, and did a "Test connection", I got (the expected) connection errors from the Redshift driver, so it seems like it is working.

Best regards,
mani replied:
2017-09-12 03:25
Hi Dennis,

Am using 5.1.0 community edition and do not see Redshift option. So I added Redshift 4.2 Driver through Manage Database Drivers GUI. This left Database empty as you said and not able to edit the same or fill the same. Due to this I guess, am not able to see it in Add Datastore for adding corresponding data store.

Can you please help on how can I get around this issue.

Thank you.
deleted user replied:
2017-09-12 09:22

In the database connection dialog, beneath the "Database driver" dropdown, there is a "Driver class name" text field. You can fill that with the driver class instead of choosing a driver from the dropdown.

In my case, I used "", but "" should also work.

Hope that helps :)
mani replied:
2017-09-12 23:04
Cool. That Worked. Thank you
deleted user replied:
2017-09-13 06:58
You are very welcome :)